ATTENTION: Only For Those who value Their Time!
Discover what you need to know about Selling Your Items & Why The Price You See online May Or May Not Help You.
If You Have Been Trying to Sell an Estate or Personal Items & You Are Worried You May Not Get The Right Price, You Are Not Alone

Every Year Billions Of Dollars in Coins, Watches, Diamonds & Jewelry Pass Hands Without the Owner or Buyer Realizing The Full Potential Of Their Items. 

Much of This is Due to Walking Into A Shop Full of Customers and Trying to Have Your Items Evaluated For Free While Others Wait in Line With You. 

Here Is The Problem With That Way Of Doing Business:

A Coin or Jewelry Shop Is Actually Paying To Look At Your Items and Must Build In The Cost of Looking At Your Items in Every Evaluation They Give. 

What Does That Mean?

It Means That Every Person In Line WIth You Is Costing The Appraiser Money Regardless if They Sell or Not. All of These Costs Are Built Into (or In This Case Taken Away) From The Value of Your Items. 

Don't Understand?

That Means the Person That Has No Intention Of Selling OR Has a Worthless Item is Causing You To Be Offered Less!

Don't Worry! J. Austin & Company Has The Solution!

Meet in Person in Grants Pass or Ashland For a 20 Minute Appraisal  for only  $29.00. You can appraise as many items as you want in that 20 minute meeting

Why A Fee? Nothing In Life Worth Having is Free and The Fee is 100% Refundable If You Choose To Sell Your Items At The Time of the Meeting. If You Want To Shop Your Items Around, We Are Confident Our Appraisal Will Help You Get a Fair Price. 

You Can't Loose! 
Fill out the Form Below To Have a Specialist Contact You To Schedule an Appointment. 

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